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Customer Service Systems Consulting

Customer Service is the key differentiator in virtually every industry.  No longer are products alone enough to sustain a company.  Without a comprehensive Customer Service Delivery System in place, every customer is put at risk when they seek out help with purchase decisions or support needs.  CEP, Inc. offers consulting services designed to identify areas of strength and areas of improvement in your existing Customer Service Delivery System.  Our 2-Day "Service System Checkup" can help identify where you are vulnerable to losing valued customers.  It's never too late to improve how you service your customers.

Customer Service Product Consulting

The right products are vital to a successful company.  Get it wrong and the whole company suffers.  CEP, Inc. offers a comprehensive evaluation of your customer service products and provides differentiated messaging designed to highlight the unique differences that attract customers.  If you don't have time or experience to research the competition, we can help.  If you are unsure of which features are the most important, we can help.  Reduce the risk in a new product launch.  Let us help you get the messaging right the first time.

Guest Speaker & Keynote Address

Dynamic, articulate, creative and engaging describe the speaking skills of Mark Ryan.  Speaking in front of audiences both large and small for over 20 years, Mark brings to every topic a unique perspective that has customers regularly wanting to hear more.  The complex becomes simple, fuzzy ideas become clear and everyone understands the message.  

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Mark Ryan is also a prolific author.  "Physics of Business©" and "Discovering the Ideal Customer Service System©" are 2 of the most widely read series of articles.  Click on the Blog link to be introduced to the published articles. 

If you would like a copy of 1 of the chapters from "Physics of Business", click on the "Contact" link and request your free chapter. 


The next generation of text messaging has arrived.  Smashtalk provides the "Reply All" capabilities to the world of text messaging.  This patented technology is available today for your wireless carrier to provide to you.  Click the link and read all about Smashtalk.