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Consulting Services

CEP, Inc. offers a wide variety of consulting services all focussed on optimizing Customer Service Delivery Systems.  Consulting services are available in a variety of areas:

Routing Optimization

Optimized routing does not mean complex.  It does not mean expensive.  Our Routing Optimization services analyze the routing activity in your contact center and identifies opportunities for improving the delivery of customer service.  Optimization means lower costs, better agent utilization and happier customers.  

IVR Script Optimization

Are you using your IVR as a way to avoid calls? Are you interested in making the IVR a tool for delivering optimized customer service?  If you want the cost advantages that "silicon agents" can provide, you need scripts tailored to each customer and the tasks they want to perform.  Our IVR Evaluation methods will uncover opportunities for increasing the satisfaction of your customers while enjoying the financial benefits self-service systems are designed to provide. 

Project Management

Your Genesys implementation is a major investment.  Making sure the investment comes in on time and on budget takes professional project management.  Sophisticated tools and years of Genesys experience bring peace of mind and an "on schedule" delivery.  Let us help you insure your investment stays on target.